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Classification & labelling

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The CLP regulation

Classification, Labelling & Packaging of substances and mixtures

Étiquetage des produits chimiques

The CLP regulation (Classification, Labelling and Packaging of substances and mixtures) institutes new hazard symbols and standard phrases, and new classification rules.

Regulation content

The regulation, based on the international recommandations of the GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals), was published in the Official Journal of the European Union in December 2008.

Flêche droiteRead and download on the EUR-Lex Website

The different parts of the regulation content can be also selectively downloaded below (PDF files) :

- Articles ;
- Annexes I to V ;
- Annex VI (Harmonised classification and labelling for certain hazardous substances ; pages 329 to 1351) – attention : entries in annex VI are modified by the Regulation (EC) No 790/2009 (adaptation to technical and scientific progress of the CLP regulation) ;
- Annex VII (translation table from classification under Directive 67/548/EEC to classification under this regulation).

Phase in schedule

The regulation entered into force on 20 January 2009.

The deadlines introduced are the 1 December 2010 for the new classification of substances and the 1 June 2015 for the new classification of mixtures.

CLP regulation application

Chemicals System of classification and labelling Transitional period : From 01/06/2015
until 30/11/2010 from 01/12/2010 - to 31/05/2015
Substances Current system (amended directive 67/548/EEC) Optional Not applicable Repealed
New regulation (CLP) Optional* Compulsory* Compulsory
Mixtures Current system (amended directive 1999/45/EC) Optional Optional Repealed
New regulation (CLP) Optional* Optional* Compulsory

* Both systems of classification must be mentioned on the security data sheet (SDS).

Consistancy with REACH

More information about the compliance of the CLP regulation with the REACH regulation on our Web site REACH Matters.

Classification & labelling inventory

This database contains classification and labelling information on notified and registered substances received from manufacturers and importers (ECHA – European Chemicals Agency).
Voir ECHA, Classification & Labelling Inventory

Downloadable memos

Evolution of classification and labelling for chemicals [1]
PDF - 243.8 ko

What about the risk phrases into the new classification ? How to use the new pictograms ?
For laboratory technicians and people involved in risk prevention.

Other languages available :
FR (document PDF en français) – IT (Documento PDF in italiano) – NL (PDF document in Nederlands) – PL (Dokument PDF w języku polskim) – DE (PDF-Dokument in Deutsch)

PDF document

Label elements of the CLP regulation
PDF - 4.1 Mo

This 10 pages document itemizes pictograms, signal words and hazard statements of the new classification. Enhanced version including all the hazard statements.
For laboratory technicians and people involved in risk prevention.

Other language available :
FR (document PDF en français)

PDF document (4 Mo)

Photo A-C. Macherey, Prévention du risque chimique Unit, CNRS

[1] 1. This document is grounded on European CLP regulation.